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Winter Love

Emily and Trent started as young love and fell for one another in junior high. Their love grew and changed and both of them always knew that despite the challenges they were meant for eachother. Trent proposed on the beach and Emily of course with no hesitation said yes. This bride and groom started their family before the big day and a had a beautiful little girl Rylie. Rylie is a fun loving happy adorable little girl but from the day she was born there has been complications with the birthmark on face. She was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome before the age of one."Sturge-Weber syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by nervous system problems and a permanent birthmark—a port-wine stain—usually on the face. It is a rare type of neurocutaneous (nerve and skin) disorder that is present at birth." Rylie has had several seizures due to her condition and been under the observation since she was born. All of this put on their plate as they began this journey to their big day.

This special day really was important to them as a family and as a couple with all of the trials and hardships they had been through for the last year to have made it to this day. They got married on a Wednesday which was there dating anniversary date and day before the big day a Colorado blizzard comes in. Flights were cancelled and delayed it was a nerve wrecking couple of days as everyone was driving to Tim buck two to pick up people stuck at connecting airports. The big day came and the sun was out everything just felt still and so peaceful despite the fact it was -3 degrees and the chaos that had come previously. Emily had her dress handmade by several family members and had Rylie's dress made of the same material which made it even more special. They married at Chapel at the red rocks with floor to ceiling windows which gave a beautiful view of the Rockies. Little Rylie ran straight for daddy as Trent began to cry. His beautiful bride approached him and they shared tears together and some amazing vows. We finished off their wedding in -9 degrees and he picked up his bride and carried her away into the snow keeping close to keep her warm. It was magical. There Wedding reception was held in town at restaurant called Maggiano's it included a 5 course meal which was plenty for this intimate wedding. Emily was shocked to have her wedding song played and sung by their close friend Koty Mosier on guitar. Her expression was classic. The night ended with dancing until no one could stand it was truly a great day.

So now you have this story that really is an expression of love and touched my heart let me give you some fun specifics. Emily and Trent were very adamant about having their families involved in this big day. So not only was Emily and Rylie's dress created by family but the suits were custom tailored by her family as well. She also made all of the baby's breath bouquets DIY. Her Maid of Honor and childhood friend was Sara Hollinger who is a professional hair and makeup artist. And lastly at the end of the night her family ended with a tradition from their family. They all wrote a speech in form of a poem and read Trent and Emily's love story. Trent and Emily met when they were in Junior high and have watched each other grow up and they have grown together.

Thank you so much reading I really hope you love this story and cry as much as I did writing it!

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